Sapphire Books Publishing Sapphire Books Publishing was established in 2010. We are the gem in lesbian publishing.
Check out our list of award winning lesbian fiction authors:
Linda Kay Silva
Lynette Mae
Linda North
Beth Burnett
Kim Pritekel
Riley Adair Garret
Karelia Stetz-Waters
Isabella - also writing as Jett Abbott
Desert Palm Press Pleasing readers one book at a time.
Our Authors:
AJ Adaire: http://www.ajadaire.com
SL Kassidy: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SL-Kassidy/482097488469386
Rae D. Magdon: http://raedmagdon.com/
Michele Magly: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Michelle-Magly/146163592164843?ref=stream
Kellie Doherty: http://kelliedoherty.com/
C.A. Farlow: cafarlow@earthlink.net
B.J. Phillips : bjphillipswrites@gmail.com
TJ Whittle: treezr345@hotmail.com
Beth Wylde: b.wylde@yahoo.com
Jazzy Mitchell: jazwriter13@aol.com
Ylva Publishing We are a publisher of women's literature with a focus on lesbian fiction. It is our goal to involve the authors as much as possible in every step of the process and work as a team to publish the best books for our readers.