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R J Samuel R J Samuel was born in Nigeria, to Indian parents from Kerala. She grew up in different parts of Nigeria with a brief stint in boarding school in the Nilgiri Hills in India and occasional summers in Kerala, London, and New York. She moved to Ireland at 17 to complete her medical studies and vividly remembers the shock of arriving at Galway Train Station on an icy October night. Despite that traumatic first meeting, she fell in love with Galway and has remained there since, apart from a 3-year episode in the southwest of France. She is an Irish citizen and now considers herself almost Irish as well as almost Indian.
Heart Stopper Standalone Medical Thriller
Falling Colours Book 1 of The Vision Painter series
Casting Shadows Book 2 of The Vision Painter series
In Your Words A FREE short story (3100 words)
A Place Somewhere Romantic Intrigue
Patty G Henderson I’m a Tampa, Florida native and still live in beautiful, Palm tree-lined South Tampa. I got hooked on mystery and supernatural literature after I read Edgar Allan Poe in junior high and soon after, discovered Gothics and H.P. Lovecraft. The dark side still fascinates me and I lament the loss of some of the old style literature of the greats in the genre.
The Secret of Lighthouse Pointe Gothic Historical Romance
Castle of Dark Shadows Gothic Historical Romance
Passion For Vengeance Gothic Historical Romance
The Burning of her Sin The Brenda Strange Paranormal Mystery Series 1
Tangled and Dark The Brenda Strange Paranormal Mystery Series 2
The Missing Page The Brenda Strange Paranormal Mystery Series 3
Ximora The Brenda Strange Paranormal Mystery Series 4
So Dead, My Love, Author's Choice edition Stand Alone Novel
Clare Ashton Clare Ashton writes intriguing, fraught, twisting romances with the odd humorous piece for some levity. Her first novel, Pennance, was long-listed for the Polari Prize and After Mrs Hamilton is a Golden Crown Literary Society award winner. She's a British author and, along with Cari Hunter, edits the UKLesFic blog.
Pennance Dark, atmospheric intrigue romance
After Mrs Hamilton Twisting mystery and sensual romance
The Dildo in the Kitchen Drawer A short humorous story
Veronica Fearon Veronica Fearon was born in Hackney, in the east end of London to West Indian parents. She has a degree in psychology and has worked as a criminal lawyer in London for most of her adult life. Her work in criminal law brought her into contact with some of the most dangerous and some of the most vulnerable people in the capital. Echoes of this can be seen in the characters penned in the DANI series, the first of which is The Girl with the Treasure Chest.
The Girl with the Treasure Chest The Dani Series
Syd Parker Syd Parker was born in California and lives in Indiana. She loves golfing, biking and spoiling her ten nieces and nephews. She loves to travel and anywhere on the water feels like home. Most days, when she's not writing, you will find her on the trails or riding her road bike and praying she doesn't end up in another ditch. She loves to read a good love story and thoroughly enjoys writing them as well. "It isn't just about writing a story, it's about creating a world and having the reader climb into it, experiencing it in first person. That's my goal...that's why I write."
Immediate Possession Lesbian Romance
Secrets of the Heart Lesbian Romance
Love's Abiding Spirit Lesbian Romance
Just Tonight Lesbian Romance
Twist of Fate Lesbian Romance
Someone Like You Lesbian Romance
Remember Me Lesbian Romance
The Killing Ground (A Gray Foxx Thriller) Mystery – Book 1 in the Gray Foxx Series
Sin No More (A Gray Foxx Thriller) Mystery – Book 2 in the Gray Foxx Series
Caren Werlinger Caren Werlinger was born in Ohio, but now lives in Virginia with her partner of over twenty years. She writes literary fiction featuring lesbian main characters. Her debut novel, Looking Through Windows, won a Golden Crown Literary Award, and her next three releases all won or placed in the 2013 Rainbow Awards.
Looking Through Windows re-released Feb 2013) Stand Alone Romance
Miserere Stand Alone Mystery
In This Small Spot Stand Alone Dramatic Fiction
Neither Present Time Stand Alone Romance
Year of the Monsoon Stand Alone Dramatic Fiction
Gabriella West Gabriella West was born in California and grew up in Ireland, but came to the San Francisco Bay Area for a graduate degree in Creative Writing 25 years ago and has lived there ever since. She has written two LGBT-themed novels and several historical erotic shorts, as well as a memoir, "Connecting the Dots."
Time of Grace Lesbian historical romance set in 1916 Ireland
The Leaving Contemporary coming-of-age fiction
Connecting the Dots: My Midlife Journey with Adult AD/HD Memoir, Self/help guide for women with ADHD or their partners
Ali Spooner Ali Spooner is a native of Florida. She enjoys photography and most outdoor activities. Ali most enjoys writing about characters and settings that portray her love of the South.
Fire and Ice Romance
Sullivan's Trace Romance
Venus Rising - Book 1 Island Series Romance
Neptune’s Ring - Book 2 Island Series Romance
Cowgirl Up or Sell the Horse Romance
Terminal Event Romance
Finding Home Historical Romance
Fire Fly Romance/Erotic
The Tail of the Dragon SciFiction
Finding John Tucker Romance
The Painted Cat Short Story
The Devil’s Tree Paranormal Romance
Soul Kiss Romance
Bound Paranormal Romance
J-L Heylen J-L Heylen is a Blue Mountains writer who spends most of her time musing about the characters in her current book. She is as interested in the process of writing as she is in the result. Her latest book is speculative fiction, but her short stories can take any topic.
Bride of the City Short Story (10,000 words.Teaser Prequel to the ‘Wisdom’ Series). Speculative Fiction/ Science Fiction.
Wisdom Beyond Her Years - Book 1 of the Wisdom Series. Speculative Fiction/ Science Fiction.
The Ties That Bind - Book 2 in the Wisdom Series Speculative Fiction/ Science Fiction
The Deception Engine – Part One (A Gender-Blending SteamPunk Adventure) Novella, 40,000 words. Speculative Fiction/ SteamPunk
The Deception Engine – Part Two Novella, 40,000 words. Speculative Fiction/ SteamPunk
Fran Heckrotte Short, stocky, blonde and blue...oh, and winner of the 2011 Alice B Reader Award
Odyssey of the Butterfly Anthology: Fantasy, Paranormal, Sci-Fi
Rapture, Sins of the Sinners Murder, Thriller
Cherry Potts Cherry Potts is the author of 2 published collections of short stories, Mosaic of Air (Arachne Press) and Tales Told Before Cockcrow: fairy tales for adults (out of print). She has multiple short stories published in anthologies and magazines. Cherry Owns Arachne Press, and runs a live lit event in South London, The Story Sessions. She is currently working on 4 novels: 1 science fiction, 2 fantasy and 1 historical!
Mosaic of Air Short Stories, mainly speculative
Tales Told Before Cockcrow: fairy tales for adults (out of print) Short Stories, mainly speculative
Jean Erhardt Jean Erhardt was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and now resides in Portland, Oregon with her partner and two Cairn Terriers, Hollis and Higgins. She is the author of the Kim Claypoole mystery series. I invite readers and writers to visit my links and be in touch!
Small Town Trouble First in the Kim Claypoole mystery series
Rain McAlistair Rain McAlistair was born in Warwickshire, England in 1962 and settled in Ireland in 1985. She writes contemporary romantic lesbian fiction. She has written four books. Her first book, 'Dove' was published in 2010. She lives in the West of Ireland with her partner, two dogs and a cat. She enjoys playing the guitar, reading and walking in the beautiful countryside surrounding her home. Rain also writes short stories.
Dove Lesbian Romance
Bridge Lesbian Romance
Moonchaser Lesbian Romance
Leaving Lesbian Romance
Sandra de Helen Sandra de Helen is the author of Shirley Combs/Dr. Mary Watson -- a modern day female Sherlock Holmes and sidekick, set in Portland, Oregon where de Helen lives and writes.
THE HOUNDING Book one of the mystery series featuring Shirley Combs and her sidekick Dr. Mary Watson
THE ILLUSTRIOUS CLIENT Book two of the Shirley Combs/Dr. Mary Watson mystery series
Vic Tanner (VT) Davy Born in London, Vic Tanner Davy now lives in the Channel Islands. When not working in an office crunching numbers, Vic is a writer of L.G.B.T. and historical fiction. Vic has been a writer and amateur historian for decades, with a special interest in British history between the wars, and the German occupation of the Channel Islands (1940-1945). Vic’s first novel, Black Art, is a thriller featuring Arty Shaw, the world’s first female-to-male transgender genealogist/detective. It was named one of Kirkus Reviews’ top 100 books of 2012. Vic’s writing also examines issues of gender and sexuality, an area in which Vic is interested, being transgendered. Vic’s second novel, A Very Civil Wedding, is a lesbian romance that examines the issues surrounding same-sex marriage. Vic has an M.B.A. from the University of Durham and is a member of the Institute of Fundraising.
Black Art Crime/thriller
A Very Civil Wedding Dramatic fiction
Helen Dunn Helen Dunn has written over 20 books and stories. Her favorite subject for writing is lesbian historical fiction. She often incorporates supernatural elements into her stories and frequently humor. All of her books are lesbian fiction.
1-2-3 Okay Everybody Change Humor, set in 1999
Adventures in Hollywood Revenge on a homophobe/set in the 1950s
Blood Love Lesbian vampire/present day
Bootleg Prohibition/bullets, booze and love
Crazy Hollywood Nutty plastic surgeries, show biz/humor/set in 1975
Hartline Historical/supernatural elements
Heart of the Southland Civil War/supernatural/interracial romance
I, Lesbian Vampire Erotic, supernatural/historical setting
Love and Damnation Historical romance
Nightmare at the end of the Road Mystery-thriller set in 1975
Nightwood Supernatural thriller with dark humor/historical
Nothing Keeps Historical mystery-thriller/Asian lesbian
Shadows of the South Historical interracial romance
Some Lesbians and Vampires & Oh Yeah, a Worried Werewolf Comedy-drama/supernatural/set in 1980
The Fate of Four Hearts Western romance
The Haunting at Quantman's Wharf Supernatural romance/historical
The House on Bloodstone Road Historical/mystery, thriller
The House of Soleil LeVant Mystery/historical fiction
Trucker Erotic romance set in 1975
Venus Afr. Amer. mystery & romance set in 1970's
Weather's Mill Dangerous secrets/historical
Wild Guns Humorous, romantic western
Witch Woman Lesbian witch/romance/historical
Layce Gardner Layce lives in Oklahoma and has written plays, screenplays and novels for over half her life. She is married to Saxon Bennett. Layce’s first lesfic book, “Tats” won a Goldie award and she has written every day since. She also enjoys writing about herself in third person.
Tats Dark Comedy
Tats Too Dark Comedy
A Perfect Romance Dark Comedy
Wild at Heart Romantic Comedy Novella
Heart’s Desire Erotic short story, (co-written with Saxon Bennett)
Veronica’s Tale Comedy short story, (co-written with Saxon Bennett)
Rest in Pieces Short Story
More Than a Kiss Romantic Comedy
Crazy Little Thing Lesbian romantic comedy - Tour de farce
Liz Bradbury Liz Bradbury writes the critically acclaimed Maggie Gale Mystery series. Her first book Angel Food and Devil Dogs was called “Perfect” by Houston Outsmart Magazine, and was named one of the 20 top Lesbian mysteries for 2010 in Curve Magazine. Liz’s second book, Being the Steel Drummer, won the 2013 Goldie Award for Mystery and was touted in the LA Times and Chicago Tribune. Liz works on GLBT advocacy and civil rights and has written over 400 nonfiction published essays on GLBT issues. She is the creator of the Pennsylvania Diversity Network Photo Project - 800 Same-sex Couples: Facing Inequality. She and her spouse Patricia have been together for 26 years and live in Pennsylvania.
Angel Food and Devil Dogs - A Maggie Gale Mystery A Who-Done-It Mystery and Hot Lesbian Romance. Available on Kindle, B&N, and Smashwords for just 99 cents!
Being the Steel Drummer - A Maggie Gale Mystery A Who-Done-It Mystery and Hot Lesbian Romance
The Lime Light - Maggie Gale Short Story In the erotica short story collection - Affinity Puts the X Back in Xmas
Melissa Grace Melissa Grace is known to unexpectedly break out in ninja moves. An engineer, avid motorcyclist, devoted martial artist and passionate violinist, she grew up in Hanover, NH believing she would someday become a stunt woman. While she enjoys many opportunities for exploration of the world around her, her most treasured journey has been building a life with her family in Texas.
Tainted Elite Science Fiction Adventure/Hot Romance
Head Shot: Saints and Sinners YA Short Story
Candy Striped Erotic Short Story
Saxon Bennett Saxon is the author of fifteen novels and six short stories. She has won two Goldie awards, the Alice B. Reader award for body of work and continues to put pen to paper every day. She is partners in life and partners in writing with Layce Gardner.
Back Talk Romantic comedy
Date Night Club Romantic Comedy
Family Affair General Fiction, First in Trilogy
Marching to a Different Accordion 2nd in trilogy
In the Unlikely Event Third in Trilogy
Love Over Moon Street General Fiction
Veronica’s Tale Short story, co-written with Layce Gardner
Heart’s Desire Erotic short story, co-written with Layce Gardner
More Than a Kiss Romantic Comedy
Crazy Little Thing Lesbian romantic comedy - Tour de farce
Sarah Ettritch Sarah Ettritch lives in Toronto with her partner and a bunch of senior cats. She writes speculative fiction and mysteries featuring lesbian main characters.
Rymellan 1: Disobedience Means Death Rymellan Series, Science Fiction
Rymellan 2: Shattered Lives Rymellan Series, Science Fiction
Rymellan 3: The Triad Rymellan Series, Science Fiction
Identity Crisis Rymellan Series, Science Fiction
The Salbine Sisters Fantasy
Threaded Through Time (Book One) Fantasy
Threaded Through Time (Book Two) Fantasy
The Atheist Fantasy, Book One in the Deiform Fellowship Series
The Cult Fantasy, Book Two in the Deiform Fellowship Series
The Missing Comatose Woman Mystery
Kiki Archer Kiki Archer is a UK-based, best-selling, award-winning author. A former teacher, Kiki left the field of education to be a stay at home mum and it was during that time that she turned her hand to novel writing. She loves the outdoors, anything sporty, and can always be found biking, quading or rambling with her two children. Her debut novel "But She Is My Student," won the UK's 2012 SoSoGay Best Book Award. Its sequel "Instigations," took just 12 hours from its release to reach the top of the UK lesbian fiction chart; and Kiki's third novel "Binding Devotion," was a finalist in the 2013 Rainbow Awards. All quickly became bestsellers in their genre, and Kiki's fourth offering, "One Foot Onto The Ice" has been her most successful to date, breaking into the American contemporary fiction top 100 as well as achieving the US and UK lesbian fiction number 1. 2013 ended on an incredible high for Kiki, as she was crowned The Ultimate Planet's Independent Author of the Year.
But She Is My Student A Kat and Freya Lesbian Romance.
Instigations A Kat and Freya Lesbian Romance
Binding Devotion Contemporary lesbian fiction
One Foot Onto The Ice A Jenna and Susan Lesbian Romance
Diane Marina Diane Marina lives in the Washington, DC metro area with her wife. By day, she works in the non-profit publishing sector. She is the author of several short stories, as well as a novella, How Still My Love, which was published by Women's Work Press as a third of the trilogy Triple Delight, in 2002. She is currently working on expanding the original story and hopes to re-publish it as a full-length novel in 2014. In July 2013, Ylva Publishing published the stand-alone short story, Landslide, which debuted in the Amazon top 100 best sellers and stayed in that position for several weeks. In October 2013, her next short story, Sisters of the Moon was published as part of Ylva's Halloween anthology, When the Clock Strikes Thirteen. Her third release, Imperial Hotel, was released in January, 2014 and has been at the top of the Amazon US and UK charts. When not writing, she spends her time reading, designing, hiking, running and traveling. When she's not traveling, she's dreaming of all of the places she'd like to visit.
Imperial Hotel Lesbian historical fiction/drama
When The Clock Strikes Thirteen Lesbian paranormal anthology
Landslide Lesbian fiction/romance
Eden Glenn Eden Glenn lives on the lee of the Great Smoky Mountains outside of Asheville, NC with her partner, the lovely “lady librarian”. Their household is owned by a cat and a lovable nuisance of a dog that should be in Japan. Eden has blue eyes, but her hair color is subject to change without notice.
Beverly's Secret Vol 2 The Amethyst Desire Collection F/F Erotic Contemporary Romance
Phoenix Reborn Vol 3 The Amethyst Desire Collection F/F Erotic Paranormal Romance
Dar'kind Promises F/F Erotic Paranormal Romance
Cindy Rizzo Cindy Rizzo lives in New York City with her partner, Jennifer, and the requisite two cats issued to every lesbian household (well, most). She has worked in philanthropy for many years and has a long history of involvement in the LGBT community, including membership on the founding board of Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders (GLAD), the organization that first brought marriage equality to the US. In the 1970s and 1980s she wrote for Boston’s Gay Community News and has published essays in the anthologies, Lesbians Raising Sons and Homefronts: Controversies in Non-Traditional Parenting. She was the co-editor of a fiction anthology, All the Ways Home, published in 1995 (New Victoria) in which her story “Herring Cove” was included. She serves on the boards of Congregation Beth Simchat Torah in New York and Funders for LGBT Issues. She is the mother, and her partner is the step-mother, of two grown sons and a wonderful daughter-in-law.
Exception to the Rule Contemporary romance/New Adult
Suzie Carr Suzie Carr writes lgbt drama and romance novels and donates a portion of her book sale proceeds to The NOH8 Campaign and to the Hearts United for Animals Keep up with her latest projects at
Staying True A Contemporary Romance Novel Lesbian Romance
Inner Secrets A Contemporary Romance Novel Lesbian Romance
The Fiche Room Lesbian Romance
Tangerine Twist Lesbian Fiction
A New Leash on Life Lesbian Romance
The Muse - A Novel of Romance and Discovery Lesbian Fiction/Romance
Two Feet off the Ground Lesbian Romance
Snowflakes - A Short Story of Romance Lesbian Romance/Short Story
Harper Bliss Harper Bliss has travelled the world in search of sexual satisfaction. She now resides in a hot Asian country and dedicates her time to writing down the stories that have inspired and aroused her.
Summer's End Lesbian erotic romance - novella
I Still Remember Lesbian erotic romance novelette
A Hard Day's Work Lesbian erotic romance novelette
High Rise Lesbian erotic romance novel
Clare Lydon Clare Lydon is a London-based author who penned her first novel at primary school where it scored 9.5/10. She's still not sure what she was docked half a point for. A lack of lesbians perhaps? Her debut novel London Calling addresses that and has hit No.1 in the UK chart and top five in the US chart too. Her second novel is planned for late 2014.
London Calling Lesbian Romance
Emma Rose Millar Emma Rose Millar is a single mother who works part-time as an interpreter. She is a writer and editor of lesbian historical fiction. Her first novel, ‘Strains from an Aeolian Harp’ was published in November 2012 and is currently in the final round of the Chaucer Awards. She is now writing her second novel ‘Five Guns Blazing’ with American author Kevin Allen. Emma has had two short stories published in the best selling lesbian anthology ‘Sunkissed’ by Freya Publications. She worked as editor on Steph A Amey’s debut novel Holloway 8632 which was published in September 2013.
Strains from an Aeolian Harp Lesbian Historical Fiction
Liz McMullen I’ve had a passion for history and world religions since I was a little girl looking up at my Dad as he told me stories. I fed my addiction to politics, history, mythology, and religion while at Mount Holyoke College and during my junior year abroad at Trinity College in Dublin. I spent six weeks as a turtle (aka backpacking) around Europe, visiting all the places I had been reading about. Although my title as the Traveling Where’s Waldo of the family has been retired, my wanderlust lives on in my writing.
If I Die Before I Wake Paranormal Horror
Hard Rock Candy Erotica
Raven J. Spencer Raven J. Spencer, lesbian, married, loves everything sensual and indulgent which led her to write erotic romance and fantasies. When she’s not writing, you can often find her on Pinterest in the pursuit of inspiration.
A Perfect Dream Erotica
Natasja Hellenthal Mrs Hellenthal is a novelist,eco-warrior, animal lover, vegan and her hobbies include outdoor activities such as hiking, wild camping, organic farming, swimming and snowboarding. She lives in the UK, with her partner, two small children, two small dogs and a cat who all follow her around the house at the same time. If there is any time left she writes speculative fiction that entertain people but at the same time makes them think. Her work has been described as 'thought-provoking'. Her writing is about love, advocating for lgbt equality and animal welfare.In her writing she also deals with big psychological and ethical themes and struggles of life such as death, love and loss, abuse and the consequences of our actions. She tries to build strong characters as realistic as possible, for even though the genre is Fantasy she wants people to feel connected with her heroes and villains as they would with their real life people.
The Queen's Curse Spiritual Fantasy, Lesbian Romance
Call Off The Search Supernatural Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy (has female bi-sexual main character and lesbian side character).
Tye Shirelle Tye Shirelle is a kind, creative and driven woman. She has many artistic interests, that include but are not limited to, scrap booking, photography and experimenting with recipes. A devoted mother of two daughters, she started out writing short stories as bedtime stories that got longer and longer. Tye Shirelle has an English degree and is an English teacher. She is an avid reader and writer. She couples her life experiences with her knowledge of page turning themes to bring to life amazing stories.
The War Within War Within Series Book 1 Lesbian Romance
Illise Montoya Illise Montoya was born and raised in California, where she currently lives with her husband and son. A storyteller since the age of six, Illise cultivated her skills writing poetry, short stories, and fan fiction. At the age of 22, she enrolled in Full Sail University, graduating valedictorian with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. A strong believer in art for art’s sake, she also writes free serial fiction online. In her spare time, Illise enjoys video games, reading, and going to the beach.
Tributaries Fantasy Romance Adventure